My Pink Shoelace

if I said I Love You … What Would You Do?

Pink Shoelace : About

Why pink shoelace? Am crazy about pink and chucks … those two go hand in hand. A friend of mine suggested the name my pink shoelace … its basically who I am. A Dhanujatakas who loves everything that’s pink, is a geek and everything emo. My 23 things :

1. Am an only child
2. I dunno how to cook.
3. I like long talks no matter how senseless.
4. Am scared of flying cockroaches, lizards and snakes.
5. I love the beach, sunset and sunrise.
6. Am crazy about fries and lasagna.
7. I almost always feel lonely and detached.
8. I love pink, teddy bears and butterflies.
9. Am a frustrated skateboarder and photographer.
10. I like Goth and music and the mythical.
11. There’s always a song constantly playing in my head.
12. Am a hopeless romantic but far from suicidal.
13. Am scared of thunder and lightning.
14. I’m almost always lost in space.
15. I fear commitment and emotional attachment.
16. I have thin fingers basically small hands.
17. Am stupid, dumb and annoying at times.
18. I search for what I know does not exist.
19. Tears almost always fall down my face when no ones watching.
20. I write more than I talk.
21. I dont forgive nor do I forget.
22. Am picky when it comes to food; a certified coffee addict.
23. Am haunted and I dunno why.

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